Strategic energy management optimization

Our team offering provides technical and financial specific solutions unique to each planning story. Our subject matter expertise in A&E design along with certification in International Standards Organization (ISO) 50001 Energy Management Systems (EnMS) can help any island nation government and/or business with strategies and offerings as a key part of the overall strategic sustainable planning matrix for success.


SEMopt is an energy planning platform that combines the Cost Value Proposition with the recognized quality implementation standard sets of ISO 50000 that can help you understand the optimal mix of renewable energy and fossil fuels required to meet your multiplex sustainability requirements by focusing in on the details of cost value propositioning by managing greenhouse gas savings reduction and strategic energy performance goals. Our platform offers concurrent, multiple technology integration and energy optimization capabilities and can be customized for various applications, including screening single or multiple locations for renewable energy potential, and developing detailed operating strategies for energy asset management.

The SEMopt platform combines high-level site, resource, cost, incentive, and financial data to identify the most cost-effective ways to meet energy goals across a portfolio of sites. It provides a quick and low-cost screening method to identify the most economically and technically viable technologies for further study.

SEMopt can also be used to optimize existing energy systems at specific sites including buildings, campuses, and local community areas. This type of analysis typically requires more detailed data and provides insights on how to operate existing energy assets and incorporate new energy assets to reduce costs, meet energy or carbon goals, and improve resiliency. The SEMopt platform, including energy efficiency and renewable energy optimization, demand management, energy and water planning, and an application program interface (API).

Following the Standard in Strategic Energy Management 

Once the SEMopt analysis is complete, the tool provides a list of potential scenarios and identifies the technology sizes that meet the defined goals at minimum cost, along with the optimal deployment strategies. It also estimates capital costs, operation and maintenance costs, and life-cycle costs for the recommended renewable energy technology (or combination of technologies), as well as the leveled cost of energy for each. This along with ISO implementation planning makes any organizations Cost Benefit Analysis become a strong value proposition.

Campus Planning

SEMopt evaluates the least-cost pathways to achieve energy or carbon reduction goals on campuses. SEMopt provides improved operating strategies for existing energy assets and recommends additional renewable and conventional electric, thermal, and storage solutions. The analysis results in an optimized system architecture and operation strategy.

Support for Island Nations

SEMopt analyzes cost-optimal paths to help island nation and/or remote communities reduce their fuel consumption and lower their energy costs through the use of high penetration renewable energy.

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