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Most island nation cities and municipalities operate on a small scale. They often lack the financial means to realize important projects. There is no shortage of ideas, but the concrete implementation of projects on the ground can still come up against the problem of “funding”. A change in design course work is needed to encourage the realization of countless energy projects that are still at the planning or design stage and the involvement of banking partners, together with the government. For this reason we would like to Introducing "SEMopt".......



Under United Nations mandates, island nations commit themselves to strategic energy management planning addressing the objectives and energy efficiency sustainability goals under the International Standards Organization further defined by ISO50001.

Moreover, financial institutions  and major insurance companies recognize that smart and sustainable projects are no longer just an environmental necessity: it has also become a major economic tool for engaging island nations with their present / future inhabitants and business enterprises. CEG believes in this mission to expand "Strategic Energy Management" planning..

In bringing forth leading experts to finance sustainable investments and to further help develop the strategies needed for better strategic energy management.

With this in mind, CEG has focused on island nations that face huge challenges in energy regeneration, energy efficiency and future forecast design build mobility.

ISO Strategic Energy Management Optimization Consulting

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